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Introducing RasaDarman Group

RasaDarman group has been established from 2010 in the field of sales and manufacturing medical rehabilitation equipment in Iran. In the beginning, the company focused on sales of Medical products as well as trading other countries to import related merchandise in this field but gradually the approach from sales  altered to manufacturing medical rehabilitation equipment in order to assist domestic industries to supply country market and the next step to prepare medical wares in middle east. In this way, the company has been produced  high quality products in local market and can compete with similar foreign manufacturer assisting high educated experts in producing process.


Providing up-to-date services, extensive distribution across the Middle East, besides accurate and real-time supply chain management (SCM) to gain significant share of market in the region and consistently achieving noticeable development in industries and finally approaching to customer satisfaction.


-Best quality warranty to our customers and dealers

-Close interaction with customers to know about their request

-Struggling to stay up-to-date on cutting edge manufacturing technologies